You might have noticed that this blog is completely empty. This is no mere accident. On an undetermined day (2016/02/02), I decided to delete all the content I had written on this website over the years. In truth, I haven’t touched this blog for almost a year and a half (last post 2014/09/23) and I feel it’s time that I start over. I believe a plague of many writers is how often we hate our past writing, it’s as if we are given the opportunity to take a mirror and look back at ourselves, a more inexperienced form of ourselves, a person who is a little less wise and possibly a little too confident in their words. This is something that will probably go on indefinitely for most writers, but for me, I’d like to start anew. I don’t know when I will start writing again as I am in a temporary hiatus, but hopefully it happens. So with that being said, there’s really not much else you can do here, maybe look at the mountains and the sky right above you, or just go outside and do that. Take care.